Hi there! Welcome to my site, my name is Marko Cen, I was born in Beijing, China, now live in Boston

I'm a javascript enthusiast, I believe every high quality web application could be built in a pure javascript environment. Now I heavily use AngularJS and NodeJS in my daily routine, and I have couple of side projects built on MEAN You could check my skills at the bottom of this page.

Currently, I work as a full-time developer at NetBrain Technologies Inc, I am open to take part-time projects or help non-profit organizations with their web applications. You could reach me by the contact info listed below.

EMAIL: markocen[at]gmail.com

Material DesignAngular 1.x/2Socket.ioRedisBootstrapMercurialES6/2015ExpressMongoDBWebpack.Net 4+jQueryMochaReactNodeGulpLodashNPMGit中文FirebaseIonic/Cordova
Music: Heathens Remix